Purpose of establishment

As a group composed of performing groups participating in cultural heritage utilization projects, policy research and proposals for the development of cultural heritage utilization projects (specialization, diversification, industrialization) are conducted, and project information is shared between groups, utilization education, seminars, etc. It was established to help build the capacity of member organizations through this, and to contribute to creating the soil for sustainable growth of the utilization business by nurturing professional manpower.

Business purpose

The purpose is to contribute to the revitalization of cultural heritage utilization projects that maximize the value of cultural assets based on the preservation of cultural assets, and to support cooperation and exchange between related organizations and institutions.


Stable development of group management

· Survey on the actual conditions of the organizations · Support for the vitalization of the management of the groups · Proposal to expand the field of applications · Practical competency/human resources nurturing education project


Promotion of utility value through solidarity

· Workshops/forums by issue in the field of application · Group cooperation and exchange projects · Joint response according to social issues


Improvement of Awareness of Utilization Projects

· Utilization policy social support and public awareness improvement · Support for the vitalization of management of utilization groups


A window of communication with the world

· Utilization business contents and informatization