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Mission Statement.....   (Or what we're 'ere for)

All & Sundry is about involving and developing as many people as possible in an ambitious, exciting and extensive programme of theatrical and related activities.

All & Sundry ethos is that theatre should be fun and that members should derive a great deal of enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of ownership from being part of the group.

The group aspires to achieving the highest possible standards and to providing first-rate entertainment to the public and community at large.

Our aims are.....

  • To perform to the general public, primarily in the Bromsgrove, Redditch and surrounding areas, a wide range of theatrical works on a regular basis

  • To involve as many people as possible (of all ages and backgrounds and predominantly from the Bromsgrove, Redditch and surrounding areas) in the productions and activities of the Group

  • All productions to be to the highest possible standards of quality and artistic ability

  • To ensure that all members  have fun and enjoy and benefit from the experience of being part of All & Sundry and that high levels of enthusiasm, commitment and  ownership are generated

  • To develop a wide reputation for varied and high quality theatrical productions and activities and gain as much publicity as possible for the group as a whole and for all those involved

  • To continually look to the future and through training, practice, and involvement of all, ensure that All & Sundry is a dynamic, exciting, challenging and innovative group

  • Financially, as a minimum, to cover costs, but also, if possible, to raise funds to invest in new equipment and facilities that will further the overall aims of the group

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