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Performed at MAC Theatre, Birmingham
Weds 25th to 28th Sept 2013

Directed by Neil McGrath

A genteel hotel in Bournemouth is the location for ‘Separate Tables’ which features two linked plays, is undoubtedly Terence Rattigan’s finest work and demonstrates his art of characterisation.
At table one sits a down-at-heel journalist is confronted by his ex-wife who provoked him to a violent act that ruined him. Still loving each other they nevertheless go through another terrible scene as they seek to repair their broken lives.
In table two, a bogus army Major without the background he claims and a neurotic girl with a ruthless domineering mother are attracted to each other. A sordid scandal threatens to drive them apart, but when all seems lost Miss Cooper comes to the rescue.

Principal Cast


Performed by


Cathy Stokes

Lady Matheson

Mary Field

Mrs Railton-Bell

Barbara Treen

Miss Meacham

Mandy Hawkes

Mr Fowler

Mark Clayton

Mrs Shankland

Victoria Vollans

Miss Cooper

Gail McGhie

Mr Malcolm

John Armstrong

Mr Stratton

Edward Loboda

Miss Tanner / Mrs Stratton

Tanith Parks

Major Pollock

Frank Metcalf

Miss Railton-Bell

Karen Alder



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