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Little Miss Wormwood

Performed at Rowney Green Village Hall
18th and 19th Feb 2017

Directed by Emma Stephens, Rachel Andress and Anja Parkes

Principal Cast

Performed by


Daisy Green Matilda
Rui Greaves Mr Wormwood
Kasey Dove Mrs Wormwood
Archie Marks Miss Trunchball
Alice Grennan Miss Honey
Sophie Smith Lavender
Daniel McDonnell Bruce
Peter McDonnell Micheal
Carys Angus Mrs Phelps
Beth Standen Mrs Smith / Alice
Chole Biddle Amanda Thripp
Eva Derbyshire Hortensia
Kaiyah Dove Samantha
Harry Longley Magnus
Micheal Lewis John


Small & Sundry's production of 'Little Miss Wormwood' took place at Rowney Green Peace Hall on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th of February to a packed hall, the audience was enthralled right from the start with astonishing performances across the board, there were times you forgot that these were young children just 7-15 years old, such was the standard of this production.

The well loved scenes - the hair dye swap, Bruce Bogtrotter's cake punishment and Miss Trunchbull swinging Amanda Thripp by her pigtails - were a just few of the many comedy highlights.

Some of the best comedy moments were provided by Mr and Mrs Wormwood, brilliantly played by Rui Greaves and Kacey Dove.

The musical numbers by the very talented Ensemble had the audiences clapping along and the solos had them mesmerised, Rui's rendition of 'What a Clever Fellow I Am' had the audience cheering for almost a full minute, as did Daisy Green's (Matilda) performance of 'Naughty' and when she sang 'Quiet' you could have literally heard a pin drop, her portrayal of the downtrodden but plucky Matilda was superb and her scenes with 'Miss Honey' played by Alice Grennan were very touching.

Praise must go to Archie Marks who stepped in with just a few weeks to go to play the very demanding role of the 'Pantomime like Villain' Miss Trunchbull. He had the audience in hysterics as he stomped around the stage and his solo, 'The Hammer' was hilarious.

All of the youngsters played their roles with enthusiasm and the one thing that really came across was just how much fun they were all having and that's what it should be about.

Directors Emma Stevens, Rachel Andress and Anja Parkes must be congratulated, their hard work and commitment to these youngsters certainly paid off. Thanks to your dedication, All & Sundry's future is in very safe hands.

Alison Berrisford.

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