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Performed at:

7th -9th of June - The Studio at The Norbury Theatre, Droitwich
14th and 15th of June - The Room Upstairs, The Palace Theatre, Redditch

Directed by Ed Butler

Bella Manningham is madly in love with her husband, Jack. For the last few years, things have been going missing in the house, trinkets, pictures, receipts, Bella is being steadily convinced that she is misplacing them and forgetting where she has put them. Jack, Mr Manningham, is deliberately convincing her that she is moving these things, and is going out of her mind.

Forced to take a bitter medicine for her health, Bella is at her wit’s end, and is close to the edge of insanity, when a kindly old gentleman comes to call. This gentleman is none other than a highly decorated retired police Inspector by the name of Rough.

Rough tells Bella a story of a murder and attempted robbery that happened in a house a number of years ago, her house. He also tells her that he has but one chief suspect, none other than her husband.

Principal Cast


Performed by

Mrs Manningham Tracey Smith
Mr Manningham Andrew Corcoran
Inspector Rough David Goode
Elizabeth Joy Williamson
Isobel Smith
Policeman Kitt Lefebvre


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