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All & Sundry aims to provide a creative environment that is fun, enjoyable, and safe for all those participating in group events. The following guidelines are designed to ensure that this aim can be achieved for all members of the group by encouraging responsible conduct at all times. It is also aimed at maintaining the good reputation of All & Sundry. The final decision regarding interpretation of this Code of Contact rests with theAll & Sundry committee.

1. Respect others at all times, both those within All & Sundry and those with whomAll & Sundry come into contact (eg: theatre staff, audiences, guests etc.)
2. Attend rehearsals and other activities on time, and ensure that any signing in and out procedures are followed
3. Observe house-rules of premises used by
All & Sundry, including maintaining tidiness and avoidance of unnecessary noise
4. Pay membership fee by the due date
5. Requirements of
All & Sundry Children’s Policy to be adhered to at all times
6. Smoking only permitted in designated areas
7. Be willing to contribute to or participate in group activities, including fund-raising and social events
8. Take every opportunity to positively publicise
All & Sundry and its productions and other activities
9. Generally behave in a reasonable manner, and respect the needs of others at all times
10. When participating in a production, follow the instructions of the Director
11. Wear appropriate and suitable dress when participating in any
All & Sundry activity, taking into account safety, practicality, the requirements of a production and the Children’s Policy (for those under the age of 16 theAll & Sundry T-shirt is encouraged and recommended, and for those 16 and over it is optional)

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