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Gaslight -  Calling for Auditions

Audition Notice: Gaslight

It is time for me to begin the audition process for the production of Gaslight, and Matthew and I would like to invite you all to audition to be in the show.

About the show

Bella Manningham is madly in love with her husband, Jack. For the last few years, this have been going missing in the house, trinkets, pictures, receipts, Bella is being steadily convinced that she is misplacing them and forgetting where she has put them. Jack, Mr Manningham, is deliberately convincing her that she is moving these things, and is going out of her mind.

Forced to take a bitter medicine for her health, Bella is at her wit’s end, and is close to the edge of insanity, when a kindly old gentleman comes to call. This gentleman is none other that a highly decorated retired police Inspector by the name of Rough.

Rough tells Bella a story of a murder and attempted robbery that happened in a house a number of years ago, her house. He also tells her that he has but one chief suspect, none other than her husband.

The Cast

These are vague description of how I see the characters, and are by no means the definitive way I want them portrayed on the stage. They will be your parts, after all… or will they?

Mrs Manningham, Bella
Late 20s, early 30s.

Bella was once a strong and beautiful woman. Now, since the ‘insanity’ has taken hold, however, she is frail, weak, drawn, and dishevelled. Early in the play, we see her portrayed as a woman beaten, mentally, with the occasional flashes of ire and annoyance that merely hint of the strong and forceful woman she once was.

Manningham, Jack
Strong, forceful, arrogant. Late 30s, early 40s

Jack is a bastard. Sorry for the language, but it is the politest thing I can write here to describe him. He is a strong willed man, who has been steadily and most deliberately driving his wife insane. In the early sections of the play, he is measured, austere, prim, proper, and has a zero-tolerance attitude to nonsense. In the latter parts of the play, we see snippets of just how deep his depravity sinks, that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Mid 60s
Rough is a kind old gentleman, who has seen the worst the world has to offer, and has not let is change him in any way. He has a clear distinction of right and wrong, and sticks to the side of the light in all things. He has a twinkle in his eyes that show a deep intelligence, kindness, and perhaps a slight degree of mischievousness.

Housemaid, early 20s.

Elizabeth is beautiful, but knows she is. She struts around the house as though she owns it, and is not above using her feminine wiles to get what she believes she deserves. Most of the time in the show she looks down on Bella. “Someone has let herself go” kind of attitude. After a conversation with Rough, however, she is forced to check herself, and realises what is actually happening in the house.

House maid, mid 30s – mid 40s

Ruling over the rest of the house staff with a kind eye, but a metaphorical ‘rod of iron’, Nancy is not seen much in the play, but I get the impression she is a nurturing influence on the other house staff. She has precious little tolerance for Nancy, who she sees as ‘getting above her station’.

Rehearsals will be Tuesday / Thursday, starting on the 8th of March, and running to the 7th of June.

The first show will be at The Studio at The Norbury Theatre on the 7th, 8th And 9th of June and the second show will be at The Palace Theatre, The Room Upstairs on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June.


Yes, I know, I put the most relevant information at the bottom of the page. However, I wanted Y’all to know what you were getting yourselves in for before getting to this point.

Auditions with be held at Rowney Green Village Hall, and will take the form of a read through.
They will be on the following dates…

Sunday February 18th, 6pm
Wednesday, February 21st, 7pm
If you want to be involved, and cannot make these dates, please me know on the following details.

Ed Butler

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