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Performed at Artrix, Bromsgrove
16th - 23rd December 2016

Directed by Alison Berrisford

Featuring the Stage Door Dance Academy

Principal Cast


Performed by

Robin Hood

Emma Stevens

Maid Marion

Anja Parkes

Nurse Nora Nutjob  

Mark Clayton


Max Ponsonby

Sheriff of Nottingham   

Graham Forbes


Barbara Treen

Prince John

David Mann

Queen Arachnid

Rianne Hawkins


James Ralley


David Healing

Little John

Vanessa Morgan

Friar Tuck
Ken Messenger


Victoria Vollans

Will Scarlett

George Andress

Fairy Fern

Catrin Charmley

King Richard
Kitt Lefebvre
Janine Parkes
Sarah Preedy

Rosie Daisy Green
Amy Wicks
Harry Longley
Archie Marks
Full Junior Ensemble & Dancers  
Amber Baxter * Cerys Gillard * Daisy Green * Daniel Guest * Harry Longley * Archie Marks * Ella Mayo-Higgins * Coral McLoughlin * Chloe Preedy *          Sophie Smith * Madeleine Üner * Eleanor Vernalls * Sophie Vernalls *              Maya Warman * Amy Wicks

Stage Door Dance Academy & Ensemble

Rachel Andress * Amber Baxter * Lucca Greaves * Daniel Guest * Megan Guest * Megan Hill * Naomi Hill * Madeleine Üner * Eleanor Vernalls *               Sophie Vernalls * Maya Warman * Talia Warman * Amy Wicks * Laury Wiggins

UV Puppeteers

Rachel Andress * George Andress * Amber Baxter * Catrin Charmley *        Krista Dunkers * Lucca Greaves * Alice Grennan * Zoe Griffiths * Megan Guest * Emily Haden * Rianne Hawkins * Naomi Hill * Megan Hill * Ella Mayo-Higgins * Rachel McDonnell * Coral McLoughlin * Sophie Smith * Megan Tracey * Madeleine Üner * Talia Warman * Laury Wiggins

The Guards

Daniel Guest * Chloe Preedy * Eleanor Vernalls *              Sophie Vernalls * Maya Warman

Full Senior Emsemble & Dancers

 Rachel Andress * Krista Dunkers * Lucca Greaves * Alice Grennan *  Zoe Griffiths * Megan Guest * Emily Haden * Megan Hill * Naomi Hill *       Rachel McDonnell * Megan Tracey * Talia Warman * Laury Wiggins


ALL AND Sundry provided another festive feelgood extravaganza when they staged Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood at Artrix.
A packed crowd watched on as the show, full of groan-tastic gags, reams of risqué innuendo, foot-tapping music, dance and plenty of audience participation, was performed.
The Stage Door Dance Academy’s choreography and routines were flawless throughout. Their opening numbers to each act set the scene perfectly and ‘Hushaby Mountain’ the Take That classic ‘The Greatest Day’ were wonderful.
The on-stage chemistry between James Ralley and Dave Healing as Bashem and Thumpem and Graham Forbes as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and Barbara Treen as Pokem was excellent and generated many memorable moments.
Emma Stevens was a strong Robin Hood, Catrin Charmley portrayed lovable but hapless Fairy Fern well and Max Ponsonby as Hayrick invoked plenty of audience reaction from those watching, young and old.
The UV show of luminous dancing characters was impressive on the eye and a superb way to bring the curtain down on the first act.
Highlights in the second half included the magic hat scene and the tongue-twisting ‘perfectly plucked pheasant present from a peasant’ routine – both gained well-earned rapturous applause after their successful executions.
Among the musical highlights were Anja Parkes’ (Maid Marion) rendition of One Fine Day and Rianne Hawkins’ (Queen Arachnid) ‘Evil’ number.
David Mann was an audience favourite as posh, butter-wouldn’t melt, Prince John and his performance brought plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.
And Mark Clayton again excelled and owned the stage as dame Nurse Nora Nutjob, As well as diligently delivering double ententre after double entendre he had plenty of bawdy banter with the audience (particularly with the gentleman in the third row).
It was also a joy to see babes Rosie and Jim – played by Daisy Green and Harry Longley – take centre stage on numerous occasions. The crowd took them to their hearts and, such were their performances, it would not be surprising if they inspired some of the younger members of the crowd to think about treading the boards in pantomime next year.
Director Alison Berrisford has produced another feast of festive fun and triumph of good over evil and, thanks to her and a very talented cast, this fine British tradition is booming in Bromsgrove.

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