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About Us

About Us

All & Sundry
is a semi-professional theatrical group with a current membership of around 100, made up of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, abilities, interests and ages. This diversity spans professional artistic and technical people to those who have only just entered the world of theatre.  We perform principally in Bromsgrove's 300-seater Artrix theatre along with The palace Theatre, Redditch.

The Group has a formal constitution and is managed by an 12 strong Committee.  We have a youth section in the Group, and two of the Committee members are youth representatives. In addition to mainstream productions, we run many social events, workshops and fund-raising activities, so that there is always something going on.  In consequence, the Group has an active social side and this contributes hugely to the fun and enjoyment.....which is compulsory!

We have our own newsletter, "The Boards", which keeps everybody informed of what is going on within
All & Sundry.

We are keen to attract new members, both on and off stage, so that interest in theatre can be widened to include as many people as possible in the South Birmingham area.  To do this we aim to deliver an increasing number of productions of a wide and diverse nature, so that there is effectively something for everyone.  We are also adventurous in what we perform, not sticking to the tried and tested - two of our productions to date have been written by group members.

We hope that you find all this of interest and experience a powerful drive to at least find out more! You may not have been on stage in your life, but don't let that stop you!  On the other hand you may have piles of experience and be looking for new challenges!   There are lots of different things to do apart from acting.  Any production needs lots of support with things such as design, publicity, producing, directing, prompting, make-up, costumes, backstage, lighting, sound, administration, props, set and much more.  Again, you may just be looking for a bit of sociability, helping out here and there as the need arises.
All & Sundry is about people and that includes YOU!

We do have a Code of Conduct,  but it's all common sense and hopefully there's nothing too onerous!
So, perhaps you've had an inner urge to "do something" in theatre, but never before had the opportunity (or the nerve!).  Well, here it is - a friendly, welcoming group with lots going on.

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